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Volume of Transparency #1


Handmade glass, air, light, wood


Natural light is one of the primary phenomena that ground our sense of being. Becoming familiar with this phenomenon en- ables us to orientate, predict weather and estimate time. It is a perceptual tool that informs our awareness.

To engage natural lighting, I installed the work in front of the existing window in my studio. The work was an aperture covered with handmade glass panels slumped from blown vessels. Air bubbles that occurred within the glass were inserted intentionally during the hot-forming process. The frame was designed referring to a splayed window. The slope not only focused people’s attention to the panels, but also captured the light and shadow cast by the glass when the sun was out. The constantly changing patterns indicated weather, time and seasons.


In contrast to the window glass in proximity, the optics of the handmade panels were complicated. Looking through them, the handmade glass became a barrier to one’s vision, while the air traps functioned as tiny lenses that framed the exterior landscape within.

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