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Hand-pressed glass lens, digital projection, veil, wood, steel

Variable dimension

The piece is partially about the distortion of a piece of the artist’s personal memory and her bewilderment in motherhood, and from there, it expands.

A body-scaled wall with a small window on the center was hung in the middle of the space with an angle. The rustic side was facing towards the entrance, with a projector in front of it. A video was projected on the window, which was covered by a layer of the veil. The video included footage of a female, tender but hesitantly touching her lower abdomen.

The backside of the wall was neatly painted in ivory. On this side, a camera obscura with a hand-pressed lens was supported by an ivory-color pedestal. The beam of the projection landed on the lens. Therefore, images, color, and light were distorted and projected on the aperture of the camera.

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