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The Night Sky

About Dust #11

Dust, light, glass, wood

W45cm×D24cm ×H10cm

Photo credit: Kai Wasikowski

The piece is informed by astronomical mapping. In this gesture, to wholly present the object of study, a celestial entity is often geometrically flattened.


I adapted this methodology to the anatomy of a glass orb. Underneath its black crust, within the thick clear glass layer, hides a universe composed of specks of dust. The bubble was first dissected into arched slices. These slices were, then, brought to high temperature and flattened in the kiln. When light is shone into these slices, dust shimmers against the deep black background. 

* This work was a part of the three-person show In Light of Lenses, collaborated with Kai Wasikowski and Alexander Wenstrup, at Ladd Observatory, Providence. Click here for full exhibition text by Jocelyne Prince. Special thanks to my glassblowing assistant Dongheng Yang.

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