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Dust Charts

About Dust #8

Projection installation


Photo credit: Kai Wasikowski

Being another attempt in the evolving series About Dust, this work refers to star charts in astrology. The slides in use are generated from photograms of plain sheet glass that sat in my studio where dust accumulated on them. Enlarged by the lamp projector, dust on glass slides becomes sparkles in the panoramas of darkness.


The piece was housed in the transit room of the observatory. The room once played an important role in timekeeping. The roof of this part of the architecture can be opened. Under the night sky, two designated telescopes were used for tracking the movement of the stars.

*This work was a part of the three-person show In Light of Lenses, collaborated with Kai Wasikowski and Alexander Wenstrup, at Ladd Observatory, Providence. Click here for the full exhibition text by Jocelyne Prince. Special thanks to Kai who helped with the photograms.

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