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Delicate Balance
between Rationality and Emotion



Variable dimensions


Fragility is a basic characteristic of glass. This work presents a combination of fragility and tension in a delicate balance. This was lying in the artist's personal experience and was a response to the dilemma lying in rationality and emotion.

The artist is a sensitive person, that brings her both happiness and sadness. Her parents seem to control their emotions well. In the growing-up process, she was guided by my parents to be rational. This created ambiguity deeply in the artist. She often felt within herself that rationality and emotion fought against each other. Though one was trying to stifle its rival, the delicate balance helped to keep her together. The trajectory and general picture of her life consist of such balances in many different situations.

In the making process, the equilibrium was reached with each setting by adjusting the angle between the glass rod and the glass bubble. However, those states may easily be disequilibrated and collapse.

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