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Circuitous Lines

Glass (sand-blasting), fish wire
Variable dimensions (diameter 58cm each)

​Photography & filming credit to Luo Xuehui, Chen Jiazhao

Sometimes, people are shy to express themselves outwardly. Although they have a strong desire to be heard and understood, it is hard for them to speak directly. As a result, many subtle ways are applied to express oneself.

The Information Age provides people with opportunities to draw attention by implicit expression. With their nicknames on the internet, people vent their feelings or express their blues by retweeting others' depressing images. To the artist, the indirectness of these expressions is similar to the acts of the drama ‘Desire' by Kathy Acker where the actresses tried in a disturbing way to make themselves heard and understood.

The artist wrote on the glass rings her most private and personal thoughts by overcoming fears deep in her heart. She has longed to be read and understood but she created obstacles for the reader by writing the lines in circles where sentences lost their beginnings and ends. The artist really hoped that there were some "confidants" to read the texts patiently.

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