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But Don’t Cry I Love You

Collaboration with Scarly ZHAO

Live performance

At Dyson Gallery, the Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK

Variable dimensions


Coming from the same cultural background, the artists both are in their 20s. They are facing with the choice to stay on art or to change to other more ‘practical’ subjects for further studies. Any choice to be made is not just by themselves, but also by their families. The parents want them to have a comfortable life as in most families, however, they share the same idea to have adventures.


Two artists' right hands were tied up together with tape. One tried to drag the other one to write what she wanted, and the other one would fought to resist. They chose the glass window as the board to write on and exposed every act to the people both in and out of the gallery. As a result, the boundary of the gallery was removed. To the audience inside, the city became the background of the performance. Passers-by on the street were disturbed and attracted by their acts behind the window, somehow their reactions became integrated parts of the performance.

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