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Ambiguity between Nature and the Man-made World

Interactive installation

Glass, voice-operated device, wire, aluminum alloy

Variable dimensions


​*Photography & filming credit to Luo Xuehui, Chen Jiazhao, Luo Liudi

This work explored the relationship among technology (industrialization), the man-made world, and nature. Nowadays modern civilization exists everywhere, be it the huge modern transportation hub, internet operated through invisible electronic signals, complicated hierarchical bureaucratic apparatus, and so forth. All these seem to alienate us from nature. But the artist cannot help asking herself that, is the product of human intelligence really beyond the realm of nature? Or should nature be redefined?

As feedback to the sound of people and mechanical bearings, the sound-control device drives the beam to move forth and backward along the shaft. The light of the moving beam is reflected by the fused glass panel. The reflection of light is projected by the glass panel onto the wall where appears images of changing patterns of shadows and lights similar to the glistening light of waves.

(Acknowledgement: The sound control device is made with my concept by Wang Guanghan, an undergraduate at the School of Macro-electro-mechanism System Engineering, Tsinghua University. The supporting frame is by technician Liu Zhaohui)

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