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About Dust

The one in Sol Koffler

Sol Koffler, Providence

Rhode Island, US

This installation centers around the transcendental and celestial significance of dust. Dust is the threshold to the immeasurable universe that immensely occupies every corner of our life. Crevices, slits, corners... dust returns to its usual dwelling. Phenomena, in this installation, are merged into the architectural structure of the gallery, creating serendipitous moments of wonder in unexpected places.

The Slit (About Dust #5), dust, light, flooring, glass, size of a corridor

A short corridor (About Dust #5) connects the main exhibition hall to darkness in the back. Covered by oak flooring, several significant crevices can be seen in the floor of the passageway. Within these gaps are canes of glass embedded with dust.

Lit from the sides, motes suspended inside the transparency are sparkling. Flowing between the slits are swarms of stars.

The Birth Cloud (About Dust #7), dust, light, glass, W15cm×H15cm×D18cm

Cautiously, one walks through the corridor and enters the darkness. In the front, a few feet away, a scope (About Dust #7) is fixed to the wall. 

Inside the glass sphere framed in the aperture floats a star cluster, shining in the dark.

The Corner (About Dust #6), dust, light, corner, glass, size of a corner

Across the room in an inconspicuous corner sits a blob of glass (About Dust #6). A glimmer of light from top shines through the transparent material, illuminating the veil of dust captured inside.


Humbly, I acknowledge the immense phenomena of dust by bringing them back to their habitat. I surrender to their occupation.

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