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A Disintegration

Prince Rupert’s Drop, disintegration, glass, wood


Photo credit: Yang Wei Han

The longstanding hypothesis for the origin of the universe is that it began with an explosion where light is an essential force that bonds and forms stars. This kinetic glass sculpture is informed and inspired by this research.


Experimenting with the Rupert’s Drop, a well-known physic phenomenon in glassmaking, I see the similarity between the disintegration of a glass droplet and the explosion of the universe. Through glass-blowing processes, I captured the aftermath of the disintegration inside an orb which then became a lens. A slowly spinning light creates a projection through the orb. The irregular texture of the glass results in constantly changing cosmic imagery, which is carried by the blown glass dome and the resulting caustic reflections. The mechanism of the system is revealed (if one looks close enough) by the convex mirror underneath.

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